*Казахский университет технологии и бизнеса осуществляет набор студентов на 1 курс по следующим образовательным программам: 6В02101 Графический дизайн, 6В02102, 6В02103 Дизайн моды, 6В02104 Архитектурный дизайн, 6В04103 Учет и аудит, 6В04105 Менеджмент, 6В04107 Государственное и местное управление, 6В04108 Финансы, 6В04110 Экономика, 6В05112 Биотехнология , 6В05213 Экология, 6В06114 Информационные системы, 6В06115 IT-менеджмент, 6В07116 Автоматизация и управление, 6В07117 Химическая технология органических веществ, 6В07219 Технологические машины и оборудования, 6В07231 Горное дело: физико-химическая геотехнология, 6В07218 Горное дело: открытая и подземная разработка месторождений полезных ископаемых, 6В07220 Технология продовольственных продуктов (по отраслям), 6В07222 Нефтегазовое дело: разработка и эксплуатация нефтяных и газовых месторождений, 6В07223 Технология перерабатывающих производств (по отраслям), 6В07224 Технология и конструирование изделий легкой промышленности, 6В07525 Стандартизация и сертификация (по отраслям), 6В11126 Ресторанное дело и гостиничный бизнес, 6В11127 Туризм, 6В11128 IT – технологии в сфере сервиса, 6В11129 Международный туризм, 6В11230 Безопасность жизнедеятельности и защита окружающей среды. Действует двух дипломная система образования и магистратура. При университете функционирует колледж по 13 специальностям в сфере технологии и бизнеса. Для иногородних предоставляется новый корпус общежития. Телефоны: +7(7172) 57 88 15, +7 708 425 06 60, +7 701 602 53 53



To accommodate visitors and foreign students at the university there is a student dormitory.
Places in the dormitories are provided by the deans of the faculties, in accordance with the approved Regulations on the procedure for providing places for students and the Rules for living in student hostels of KazUTB.

For this, the trainers need:

1. Fill out an application addressed to the rector for a place in the dormitory.
2. Conclude an agreement with the university to provide a place in the hostel and the responsibility of the parties.
3. Undergo a physical examination.
4. Make a payment in Bank CenterCredit JSC for staying in a hostel in the amount of 100% before receiving a settlement order.
5. Complete the electronic registration with the vice-rector for educational work and social issues.
6. Get a warrant for accommodation in a dormitory from the deputy dean of the faculty.
7. With all the documents go to the commandant to get a place in the room.

- To live in a secured living quarters for the entire period of study, subject to the Internal Regulations and the contract;
- use sanitary facilities (rooms, showers, toilets, etc.) with the equipment and property of the hostel;
- move from one dwelling to another only with the written permission of the deputy deans of faculties;
- to elect and be elected to the student council, to take part in its work, to make proposals for improving housing and cultural services, and to seek their implementation.

- strictly observe the internal regulations, safety regulations, fire safety regulations, the contract and other acts regulating the issues of living in a dormitory;
– economical use of electricity and water. Leaving the residential (or sanitary-household) premises, close the water supply taps, windows, air vents, doors, turn off the lights and electrical appliances;
- to hand over the spare key from the living room for storage to the hostel watchman, to use the living room strictly for living, not to transfer the key and not to provide the living room (place in it) to unauthorized persons;
- take care of the dormitory property, maintain cleanliness in the living room and common areas, make regular cleaning in your living room;
- bear full liability for the hostel property received for individual use; in case of damage (loss) of the specified property, as well as in the event of damage to premises, furniture, other property (electrical networks, window glass, doors, locks, lamps, etc.), to recover the full cost of the material damage.
– возвратить имущество общежития после выселения; 
- Do not allow guests to stay in the living room, if there is no consent of the neighbors and permission of the university administration, the commandant of the hostel.

- arbitrarily move in and move from one dwelling to another without the written permission of the deputy deans of the faculties and the visa of the vice-rector of the WADD. Living in the same residential area as indicated in the order is a gross violation of the internal rules;
- to voluntarily transfer the hostel property obtained for individual use from one dwelling to another without the written permission of the hostel commander;
- transfer your pass to the hostel to another person;

- smoke in all rooms of the hostel, stay in the hostel in a state of alcoholic, narcotic or toxic intoxication, as well as storage, use and distribution of alcoholic beverages, narcotic and psychotropic substances;
- turn on audio, television and video equipment on the volume exceeding the audibility within the premises;
- contain animals (including domestic ones), reptiles, birds; - litter in the hostel, leave garbage in the corridors, in the kitchen and other public places;
- use electrical equipment, including electric extenders and adapters that do not have quality certificates;
- go out onto the roof, climb up to the attic, stand and sit on window sills and railings;
- play gambling, using foul language, organizing fights and fights;
- go into the living room to others living without their consent.

Living in a dormitory, violating the above requirements of the Internal Regulations, as well as Safety regulations, fire safety, health regulations, employment contract, disrespectful of the staff and administration, members of the student hostel board, head wardens of floors and senior living quarters, are evicted from the hostel without right to return the remaining amount of payment for accommodation.


- The entrance to the hostel is carried out strictly by the pass of the established sample. The pass is issued by the hostel’s commandant and is the main document for entering the hostel. In case of loss of the pass, it needs to be restored.
- Entrance to the hostel is permitted in spring and summer from 07:00 to 23:00, in autumn and in winter from 07:00 to 22:00.

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