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HR policy in KazUTB



HR policy is developed by the university and defines the basic principles of staffing and demand. Personnel policy is a reflection of the University's Charter, Internal Affairs Rules, and other Domestic Rules and Regulations.

Personnel policy is built on principles of non-compliance with the principles of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the laws of RK, in the volume of work law, based on the normative-legal base of the university.

The system includes human resources management, structural frameworks, and controlling and realizing operations, as well as staffing for the highest level of qualification for the university, for the purpose of teaching staff and teaching staff.

Personnel policy "Kazakh University of Technology and Business" JSC defines the strategic plan of the university development. Formation of the basic policy frameworks is the competence of the president-rector of the university.

CIE "Kazakh University of Technology and Business" is a system of formation, development and management of the university, the highest professional level of professionalism, the unquenchable dimension of the university and the missionary university.

 Principles of HR Policy:

· University correspondence and correspondence staffing;

· Realization of potential and realizations of work and professional potential of university staff;

· Comply with the norms of constitutional, labor and social legislations;

· Orientation of personnel policy in the field of professional competence of university staff;

· High level of demand and objectivity in the frame of the frame;

· Personnel and Personnel Reservation of the University;

· University degree and innovation.

         The purpose of the HR policy:

· Development of renewal systems, enhancement of qualitative research and scientific-pedagogical staff at the university;

· Development of normative-legal base on personnel policy in the university;

· Analysis (количественный и качественный) conditions and development of human resources of the university;

· Formation of reservation frames and maintenance of their effective use;

· Organizing and certifying university certification, methodological and informational support, development of realizations of decision - making on certification commissions;

· Developing predictions, identifying current and perspective needs in the human resources potential of the University;

· Comprehensive teaching staff of the University, as well as teaching staff, with the required professions, specialties and qualifications in the field of internships and internships at the University;

· Informatization of the staff of the University on the role and results of the teaching, scientific-research activities;

· Formation of the university in the field of social protection of the instructors, research and development activities;

· Creating a professional self - assessment, full - time professional exploitation of university staff;

· Create material stimulums for professionals in the university;

· Financial support of human resources policy based on the frameworks of formalized policy frameworks and analysis of financial effectiveness.

· The system of frameworks is based on the structural subdivisions of the university, which interconnects with and supports the task.

· Personnel policy of the university is realized on the basis of structural subdivisions on the basis of perspective plans of development of the qualification and managing pedagogical worker of the university.

· Personnel policy, powered by human resources, and directed to the solution of the problem, include:

· Development of a qualification of the AO "Kazakh University of Technology";

· Training of the faculty of qualification of the university;

· Training of trainees.

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