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The History of the University

The JSC "Kazakh University of Technology and Business" is a member of the Almaty branch of the Alma-Ata University of Technology and Business in June 12, 2003. Astana. From 2003 to 2004, the school year is just as self-sufficient, as it is Akmolinsk University of Technology and Business.

March 26, 2008 was renamed Kazahstan University of Technology and Business (further - KazISS), which is based in Astana and Akmolinsk region, specializing in the design, production and marketing of competitive products, industrial, petrochemical and industrial hospitality.

The University carries out the educational work with the state license № 0064024 in the sphere of education and training of the slogan of the crisis, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan 16.07.2008 г.

KazUIT is a leading research and educational institution in the field of scientific and technological activities (Series MC 003978, 9 April 2014). The certificate for participation in the competition for the scientific and technical-technological activity in the state budget of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the competition is provided.

СN «KazSert» ST RK ISO 9001: 2008 certification in 2011. Налажна одиная информационная система управления университет; in the process of applying innovative technologies and active methods of teaching, in the volume, technology of distance learning. The system of internal control and quality management system is developed.

 In the university there are many different types of specialization: technical and vocational education (college) - higher education (bachelor's degree), postgraduate education (magistracy).

More than ten thousand frames have been stacked; students are not good students in the university, they just do not participate in student exchanges, but actively participate in all-party competitions, as well as in a politically-inspired wardrobe. Weiner: The team from Astana is the finalist of the Republican Regional League.

At the same time, the team "Astana Zhovvoyu" was formulated to take part in the final round and went to the final game "Zhaidarman". In November 2013, a group of image-makers from the University of Birmingham, drawing up a collection of designer suits.

In the course of the two-day program, Beknazar Aknur, designer of the Saryarkinsky district, specializes in the specialization of "Ecology" student Albina and "State and local governance" Satysheva Aykumis. The mandates and deputies of the district and district maslikhat have been fired.

Академическая деятельность КазУТБ направлена ​​на подготовку кадров для легкой, пищевой и нефтяной промышленности, сферы услуг и информационных технологий.

The basic outcomes of the academic work have gained an external outlook in the following organs:

1. The University has gone through state certification for the right to education in the period of 5 years (Order No. 821 of 05.05.2015);

2. The university participates in the national rating of NU "Provided by the Independent Kazakhstan Agency for Accreditation and Accreditation" and NU "Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating". In 2015, KazAtomProm has established a stable 14-position (16) technical hubs and 36-positioned positions in the 40th overall to the overall slide.

3. Specificity 5В091200 "Restaurant and hotel business" in 2013 is based on the 2-nd place of educational programs.

4. In 2011, the university won a project in the city architecture and started a construction studio campus, located in the southern Korhalzhinsk highway. Astana. Строительство комплекса разбито на 4 очереди - учебно-административный корпус, общежитие, учебный корпус №2, а так же корпус, включающих библиотеку, акт зал, кафе-столовую и гул зал. В настоящее время завершена первая очередь строительства и ведутся работы по садету административного корпус в эксплуатацию плюссадь 24457,4 m2.

5. University intensively works on the implementation of the State Program on Development of Education in the Republic of Kazakhstan for the period of 2011 - 2020 (Phase I), regular reporting to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

6. The university-leavened work is sponsored by the akimat of the city of Astana, the company -partners, and the active part of the university students in the city.

7. The tutors of the university are embedded in the vulnerable to the development of learning. For the third year in the USSR, the Union of Artists of the USSR, the Honorable Association of Canada, the Academy of Fine Arts of Russia (E.Asylhanov, A.Akilkhanov, A.Akylkhanov, S.Sagintayev, A.Kalikulova). Bayarlin, Acting National Academy of Sciences, Deielel Culture (E. Asylkhanov), 2 International Academy of Informatization (BT Ermagambet,

The 10th Anniversary of the Constitution of Kazakhstan - Albeisov EA -2010.

Thanks to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the organization and work in the OSCE - GA Abitova, 2010.

For those who want to study in the fields of the Republic of Kazakhstan, NAGRODNNYN ZNAKI MR RK: "For employees of development of the Republic of Kazakhstan", "Y. Altynsarin" - Alpeisov EA; "The pupilny worker of the education RK" - Tumenov SN, Tankibayeva M., Dugalova GN; Excellent discipline of education RK- Djandarbekova D.; Veteran Medal of Honor - EA Alpeisov;

Postgraduate student of BMK - Tankibaeva MH, Dugalova GN, Zharmaganbetova GM

The President of the Bolashak International Association - Abitova GA (2011-2012), Tarabaev BK with the approval of the Presidium of the Regional Academy of Management Award from the Gold Medal of T. Taylor "For the promotion of the management of the case".

Zhumanova BK is a student of the academic mobility program of the university, has been awarded the Kazakh-Japanese Center for Excellence, and has been honored with the award for the title of the lecturer in "The Golden Chair of Russia".

For the past 5 years, students have been awarded the state grant "The best teacher of the university".

Actual address: city Nur-Sultanleft shoredistrict Esil, street. Kaiym Mukhamedkhanova, Acting 37 A.

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