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Уважаемые абитуриенты! Хотим сообщить вам о том, что идет набор в магистратуру по следующим образовательным программам: 7М04132 – «Экономика», 7М04133 – «Менеджмент» (1 год), 7М04134 – «Менеджмент» (2 года), 7М04135 – «Государственное и местное управление», 7М06136 – «Информационные системы», 7М06137 – «IT менеджмент», 7М07138 – «Химическая технология органических веществ», 7М07239 – «Технология продовольственных продуктов» (по отраслям), 7В07240 – «Нефтегазовое дело», 7В07241 – «Пищевая безопасность», 7В07242 – «Технология и конструирование изделий легкой промышленности», 7В07245 – «Горное дело: открытая и подземная разработка месторождений полезных ископаемых». Документы принимаются до 11.09.2020

Faculty of Distance Learning

Mission of faculty

Ensuring a high professional level of education and forming of civil and personal moral qualities in the conditions of integration in world educational, scientific and informative community.


In basis of work of faculty long-term experience of university and his reliable connections are fixed with leading educational establishments of not only our republic, but also with other countries, that avouches for students high quality of educational services.

Currently, the brief educational programs are widely used. The two-year brief educational programs provide training for the receipt of the second specialty on the base of higher education, and three-year - on the base of the secondary special professional education on similar specialties.

Distance education uses modern information technologies, technical equipment, methods of educating, interaction of the teacher and the student with the minimum standard-set of compulsory classes.

The controlled from distance education allows to the students successfully to combine work on select specialty with studying, independently earning money for this means, provides hastier quarry growth.

Aim of faculty

Forming, development and realization of principles of the distance technologies of educating, providing the rational transmission of knowledge, abilities and skills, conduct of educational, educational-methodical and practical activity on creation, development and introduction of the effective professional educational programs and technologies, active forming of technical base of educational process on the basis of facilities computer, audio and video technique, Internet and other facilities of multimedia and telecommunications, providing of labor-market by competitive specialists.

Distance educating is conducted on the brief educational programs of baccalaureate :

- on the base of higher education with the term of educating two years;

- on the base of technical and middle trade education with the term of educating three years.

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