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Department "Technology of light industry and design"

Head of the Department of «Technology of Light Industry and Design»: Candidate of Technical Sciences, Academician of IAIN, Associate Professor
Nurmukhambetova Botagoz Tuligenovna
tel.: +7775 827 08 24
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


       The mission of the department is to prepare highly educated, fundamentally prepared, creative-minded, competitive professionals who can conduct professional activities, apply the principles of sustainable development, and be ready to live and work in a global world. In its activities, the department combines the fundamental traditions of academic education and the latest achievements of new educational technologies.


       Formation and formation of the department as the leading unit of the university, providing training for light industry in Kazakhstan based on the accumulation and use of educational, scientific and innovative potential, contributing to breakthrough development in light industry. The goals of the department are consistent with the mission, goals and objectives of KazUTB, preparing graduates for successful professional activities, which means developing students' substantive competence, understanding the social context and the desire for innovation; as well as the requirements of state educational standards and other regulatory documents.


  • Ensuring the high quality of training specialists of the new formation by improving the activities of the department in all directions;
  • preparing graduates for successful professional activities, which means the formation of students' substantive competence, understanding of the social context and the desire for innovation;
  • development of a strategy and determination of priorities of the department’s activities in ensuring the quality of training for specialists at all levels, both graduate students and faculty members, their retraining and advanced training;
  • Improving the activities of the department taking into account the requirements and wishes of employers, consumers and other customers of educational services, international requirements for specialists with higher education, the use of various forms of interaction with industry enterprises, business structures;
  • formation of the modern material and technical base of the department, necessary for the provision of educational, scientific and innovative activities;
  • organization and conduct of applied research, development of the research potential of the department, aimed at improving the quality of educational services and the implementation of the tasks.

       The organization of the educational process in all educational disciplines is carried out in accordance with the Rules for the organization of the educational process on credit technology of training and the academic policy of KazUTB on the basis of the following control documents: academic calendar, standard and working curricula, catalog of elective disciplines, UMKS (educational complex of specialty) and UMKD (UMK discipline).

       The academic calendar is the same for all specialties and is approved by the University President on the basis of the decision of the Academic Council for each academic year.

       Working curricula are developed by the graduating department and after discussion at the department, the scientific-methodical commission and expert evaluation are approved by the University Academic Council.The catalog of elective disciplines (QED) is formed taking into account the requirements of the modern labor market and the recommendations of employers.

       For the organization of the educational process, for each module, working curricula and syllabuses have been developed, which determine the entire structure and content of the EMCD. For accessibility, students of EMCD are placed in an electronic training system.

       All of the above documents and other components determine the work of scientific and pedagogical activities of the team - faculty of the department.

       Currently, the team performs a multi-faceted educational, scientific, educational, methodical, scientific and creative, as well as educational work.

       For the department "Technology and design of products of light industry and Design" 16 specialized audiences are assigned.

Painting studio

Drawing studio

Cabinet of Materials Science

Cabinet Suit compositions and POPD

Design Objects

       The department "Technology of light industry and design" was organized in the status of an independent unit, as a graduating department, in September 2003. The functions of the department included the training of bachelor specialists in the following specialties:

5В072600 - Technology and design of products of light industry;

5В042100 - Design.

Special merit in the organization of the teaching staff of the teaching staff and the educational process of the experienced senior teacher Dosmaganbetov BA - the first head of the department (2003-2006).

The staff of the faculty is presented by 18 teachers, from them 7 candidates of sciences.

5В072600 - Technology and design of products of light industry


5В0726.01 - Design and modeling of products;

5В0726.02 - IT in the design of garments.

       The sphere of professional activityof the bachelor is production and technical, organizational and managerial, design and engineering activity in the field of technology, design and evaluation of the quality of products and goods of the textile and light industry.

5В042100 - Design


5В0421.01– Architectural design;

5В0421.02– Graphic design;

5В0421.03Industrial design;

5В0421.04– Design of a suit.

The sphere of professional activity of the bachelor are:

5В042101– Architectural design: urban, rural, park ensembles, small architectural forms, elements of improvement and planting of greenery, visual communications, exhibition spaces, equipment and furniture in an urban environment, interior spaces of residential and public buildings, underground structures for public use, furniture, equipment and furniture in the interior, exhibition and trade expositions, monumental and decorative elements and objects of decorative and applied art in the exterior and in the interior, visual com interactions in the interior;

5В042102– Graphic design: graphic symbols, trademarks, corporate styles, visual communication systems, illustrations, book design, packaging, advertising, social advertising, advertising for electronic and print media, outdoor advertising, transit advertising, illustrations;

5В042103– Industrial design: items, products and their complexes intended for mass production, small-scale items and articles, vehicles, equipment, furniture;

5В042104– Fashion design: an assortment of clothes for mass production, small-scale and individual garments, design of a costume ensemble, a collection of models, accessories of a costume.

Teaching staff of the department

1. Nurmukhambetova Botagoz Tuligenovna Ph.D., ass. professor (associate professor)

2. Dzhakparova Raisa Satkulovna Ph.D., associate professor, professor

3. Kazankap Tuletay Makhmetuly Ph.D., ass. professor (associate professor)

4. Umralieva Bela Illaridanovna, Ph.D., associate professor, professor

5. Mynbayev Murat Taykeltirovich Ph.D., Ass. professors (associate professor)

6. Ordashev Talant Hamitovich Candidate of Technical Sciences, Ass. professors (associate professor)

7. Borankulov Yerkinbek Kagazbekovich Ph.D., ass. professors (associate professor)

8. Kozhabergenova Kalamkul Doktorbekovna Ph.D., Ass. professor (associate professor)

9. Bayzhanova Zhazira Bolatbekovna Ph.D., Ass. professor (associate professor)

10. Sagintaeva Saule Alkenovna senior lecturer

11. Seisekulova Gulnar Kaldybekovna senior lecturer

12. Dzhusupova-Parfilkina Irina Maratovna Master, Senior Lecturer

13. Netova Gulnur Abudillaevna Master, Art. teacher

14. Bekzat Aikumis Borikhanovna Master of Arts. teacher

15. Ibraeva Aiymgul Mil магиazhikyzy Master, Art. teacher

16. Talap Gulgaisha master, art. teacher

17. манsman ғarlyғash Yerғalızyza master, art. teacher

18. Zholamanova Marzhan Zhanatovna Master, Art. teacher

19. Sisenova Әliya Mұratқyzy Master, teacher

20. Musakhanova Meruert Abykhankyzy Master, Acting teacher

       Teachers of the department "TLPID" make a significant contribution to the development of education. The staff of the faculty includes 2 members of the Union of Designers of Kazakhstan S.A. Sagintaeva, A.B. Bekzat), 1 full member of the International Academy of Informatization (B.T. Nurmukhambetov), 1 member of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan (T. Ordashev) 3 members of the Eurasian Union of Designers (AB Bekzat., EK Borankulov, M. Zh. Zholamanova.) Professor Djakparov R.S. received a letter of thanks from the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan E.Sagadiyev for the special contribution to the development of the educational system in 2018. For high achievements in training for the light industry, awarded by the Chairman of the Industry Committee of the Ministry of Industry and New technology RK Ph.D. Bayzhanova ZH.B., Ph.D. Nurmukhambetova B.T. 2014 also awarded in 2016 Ph.D. Umralieva B.I. In its activities, the department is guided by regulatory documents: the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Education", "State Compulsory Education Standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Higher Professional Education)", "Model Curriculum" and others. For promptly informing managers of enterprises and organizations about graduates on the university website resumes of graduates are posted. Every year, a graduate fair is held at the university, in which potential employers take part. As a result of targeted work, the number of employed graduates is more than 80%. For the purpose of practice-oriented training, a branch of the department has been established on the basis of the PIC Astana Yutaria Ltd.

       In October 2015, a cooperation agreement was concluded between LLP Production Innovation Company “AstanaUtariya ltd”, general director Shayenova S.B. and JSC "Kazakh University of Technology and Business ".

       Compiled by:

- agreement on cooperation;

- cooperation plan;

- Approved the position of the branch of the Department of TPRP at the PIK "Astana Utariya ltd";

- held a joint meeting, excursion for students of the department;

- according to the dual education model, an official opening of the branch of the Technology of Light Industry and Design department was held.


       On February 2, 2016, an International Workshop was held, where MrKiranGobin - designer-designer of luxury clothing with the staff of the teaching staff of the TLPD department and a branch of the PIC Utariya department held a master class on the topic “Creative cutting skills and how to approach creative problem solving in the field of designing and designing clothes based on the use of standard methods of the clothing industry ”, at the end of the seminar, participants were awarded certificates.



Information materials on the activities of the department were reflected in the media (newspaper Evening Astana)


2 марта 2016 года деятельность филиала кафедры «Технология легкой промышленности и Дизайн» на ТОО "Производственная инновационная компания "Астана ЮтарияLtd" была представлена Госсекретарю РК Г.Абдикаликовой.



Студенты и выпускники Казахского университета технологии и бизнеса рассказали о своей работе и прохождении практических занятий на данном производстве. Так, студент 3 курса специальности 5В072600 – Технология и конструирование изделий легкой промышленности  - НуртайБекзат ознакомил Д. Назарбаеву с работой автоматизированного оборудования с программным управлением раскройного цеха.


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