*Казахский университет технологии и бизнеса осуществляет набор студентов на 1 курс по следующим образовательным программам: 6В02101 Графический дизайн, 6В02102, 6В02103 Дизайн моды, 6В02104 Архитектурный дизайн, 6В04103 Учет и аудит, 6В04105 Менеджмент, 6В04107 Государственное и местное управление, 6В04108 Финансы, 6В04110 Экономика, 6В05112 Биотехнология , 6В05213 Экология, 6В06114 Информационные системы, 6В06115 IT-менеджмент, 6В07116 Автоматизация и управление, 6В07117 Химическая технология органических веществ, 6В07219 Технологические машины и оборудования, 6В07231 Горное дело: физико-химическая геотехнология, 6В07218 Горное дело: открытая и подземная разработка месторождений полезных ископаемых, 6В07220 Технология продовольственных продуктов (по отраслям), 6В07222 Нефтегазовое дело: разработка и эксплуатация нефтяных и газовых месторождений, 6В07223 Технология перерабатывающих производств (по отраслям), 6В07224 Технология и конструирование изделий легкой промышленности, 6В07525 Стандартизация и сертификация (по отраслям), 6В11126 Ресторанное дело и гостиничный бизнес, 6В11127 Туризм, 6В11128 IT – технологии в сфере сервиса, 6В11129 Международный туризм, 6В11230 Безопасность жизнедеятельности и защита окружающей среды. Действует двух дипломная система образования и магистратура. При университете функционирует колледж по 13 специальностям в сфере технологии и бизнеса. Для иногородних предоставляется новый корпус общежития. Телефоны: +7(7172) 57 88 15, +7 708 425 06 60, +7 701 602 53 53

Management and Tourism department



The «Management and Tourism» departmentis structural division of economics department of KAZUTB carrying out training of the highly skilled managers capable to solve problems and needs of business taking into account current trends of development of national economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Its created in order to educate future hoteliers and restaurateurs who will perfectly organize corporate parties and holidays in luxurious style of fashionable buffet receptions, business breakfasts, stunning cocktails or who will run their own hotel and restaurant business at the high level, to open own cafe, or a pizzeria, experts in the sphere of tourism who can create attractive tourist routes and products, to offer high-quality services, rendering world-class service.

The missionof department is in that, implementing the concept of continuous education and introducing innovative approaches in educational activity, to train qualified professionals in the sphere of management, tourism, restaurant and hotel business capable to work effectively in modern conditions, to provide with competitive experts of labor market of Kazakhstan.

Main purpose of department - training of competitive experts in the field of management and services sector, satisfaction of interests of the university and students in receiving quality education, granting to each student, undergraduate of ample opportunities in the choice of content of training.

  • increase in flexibility of the mechanism of implementation of educational programs for full implementation of requirements of GOSO and labor market to graduates;
  • training on disciplines of department at the high theoretical-methodological and practical levels;
  • formation of relevant base of training, educational and methodical materials for classroom and out-of-class (independent) work of the students developed and updated with participation of representatives of employers (business structures), with use of their practical material;
  • formation of motivation of students to high achievements and also the values, beliefs and habits promoting personal and professional growth, formation of the large-scale identity of future manager and manager in services sector;
  • the system organization and carrying out scientific and practical researches within school of sciences with participation of students, on current problems and tasks of business;
  • assistance of the organization the practical, training, trainings for students.
  • The department conducts preparation in the following directions of preparation:

- Bachelor degree:


«Restaurant business and hotel business»;


«International tourism»

«Networ business management»



- Master’s degree:

"Management", the profile and scientific and pedagogical direction. The faculty of department is created by highly qualified personnel. Today 28 regular teachers, from them work at department:

  • The 5th doctor of science, professors;
  • Phd 5th
  • 6 candidates of science, associate professors;
  • 12 with master’s degree

The department annually invites professors from the leading higher education institutions of Europe, China and Russia - for lecturing to students, undergraduates of department. In different years gave lectures and professors gave classes: Ovcharova S.K. (Varna free university of Ch. Hrabr, Bulgaria), Yu. Grotte (Budapeshsky Subway university, Hungary), Kudys E. (Sinzyansky state university, China), etc.

Lecturers and teachers of department actively use modern information technologies and the economies of Kazakhstan connected by the priority directions of industrial innovative development perform research works. Results of scientific research of lecturers and teachers take root into production and educational process. On the basis of these works author's courses are developed and the maintenance of courses of lectures, practical and seminar training is based, theses and master theses are performed.

Lecturers and teachers of department and students,undergraduates are directly involved in the organization and holding scientific conferences and seminars. The department pays considerable attention to practical training of students: to use of the gained knowledge at the advanced enterprises of the republic. Bases of practice are for this purpose defined: the national companies and the leading large enterprises, JSC Akmolaturist, Rixos Hotel, Sayat Travel company, OYuL "Association of Tour Operators of the Republic of Kazakhstan", Otau Service LLP, Truck-Auto LLP, FAO "Credit Center Bank", GU "Office of the akim of the area of Almaty, GU "The office of the akim of the area of Saryark of the city of Astana, GU "The office of the akim of the area of Esil, students pass In these organizations organizational and administrative, organizational and technological, economic and an externship, prepare course and theses.

Students of department, show uncommon progress in study and scientific activity. Many students and undergraduates are winners and prize-winners of the international and republican subject Olympic Games and scientific competitions.

At a traditional republican competition of the best research works for students of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan students of our department in "Restaurant business and hotel business" Alibek Danel, Zakharova Anastasia, Nurkanova Dina, Pak Juliya won the diploma of the second degree.

Strategic partners are: KIK of HANDS Kazan, Moscow university of S.Yu. Witte Moscow, Omsk regional institute and Omsk state university of F.M. Dostayevsky (Russia), Academy of tourism Antalya (Turkey).

For years of the activity the department let out more than 1000 specialist’s managers, experts of services sector the majority of which work in senior positions of the enterprises, organizations, hotel and restaurant business, in travel companies, the avia-agencies, tourist hotel complexes, sanatorium institutions, firms of Kazakhstan and foreign countries.

The purpose of educational work – versatile personal development, having qualities of the patriotic citizen, different intelligence, social activity, political literacy, high universal culture.

Task of educational work – creation of conditions for formation of civil and patriotic consciousness, active living position, strengthening of feeling of love and respect for the Homeland, for Kazakhstan, professional self-determination and satisfaction of needs of students for intellectual, cultural and moral development.

The faculty exercises control, promotes unity of students in uniform friendly, efficient staff, carries out educational work according to the plan of work, promotes development of self-deicsipline, the organization of substantial leisure of students.


Educational program "Management"

Direction of preparation

7M04133 profile, 1 year

7M04134 scientific and pedagogical, 2 years

Awarded degree:

1. 7M04133 profile: Master of Business and Management

2. 7M04134 scientific and pedagogical: master of economic sciences


The purpose of the EP:

The main goal of the master's education program is:

- increase the efficiency of higher education institutions and research organizations engaged in the preparation of masters;

- stimulation of independent educational, research and educational activities of undergraduates;

- ensuring the recognition of documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan on awarding academic degree "master" in the international labor market.

The modern manager - who is he? Manager? Director? Chief? Most likely, a manager can be called a manager who makes wise decisions in management. From this point of view, management should be considered as the art of personnel management.

A person who has left an educational institution with management knowledge can work in the following areas: managerial, economic, organizational, marketing, diagnostic, research, educational, etc.

       "Management" Master’s program in KazUTB focused on training high professional - drivers and specialists for sectors of the economy and social sphere and business.           

     Master's educational programs are applied in nature, aimed at instilling managerial skills and providing training for professional managers (general managers in all aspects of managerial activity).

The program studies the pressing problems of modern management, strategic and crisis management, innovation, personnel management, etc.

    Practice plays a large role in training: graduates of the program create their own individual business projects on the basis of real data, which can then be implemented on the basis of companies where the undergraduate is undergoing practical training or intends to work.




The fields of professional activity of the graduate of the educational program Management are:

- Various economic and financial structures;

- organizational units of the management system ;

- joint-stock companies, business partnerships and non-profit organizations;    

- entrepreneurial activity ;

- teaching activities in higher and secondary special educational institutions.     


Job prospects for specialist:

- Manager in economic and financial structures, sociological services;

- manager in organizational units of the management system, intersectional complexes, management bodies;

- Manager in joint-stock companies, various business partnerships and non-profit organizations;

- Manager as middle managers of the management system;

- Managers can engage in business and entrepreneurship.

- Teacher in the system of higher and secondary special education


5 advantages of training in this educational program:       


- Company management, staff works organization

- Leadership and organizational skills, sociability

- Demand in the labor market, the ability to work in any sector of the

- Career Opportunity

- Occupies a key position in any company, project


Functions of professional activity:

- planning of the main directions of development of production and management;

- definition of management goals and objectives, their effectiveness;

- the formation of the structure of the production facility and the management structure, the optimal construction of the production apparatus;

- improvement of engineering and production technology;

- staff motivation, activation of their labor;

- coordination and control of all aspects of management activities;

- introduction of innovations in the field of material and intangible production.      

- educational activities



Typical tasks of professional activity:

The main objectives of the educational program "Management" are:

- training of specialists with a high level of professional culture, including the culture of professional communication, having a civil position, able to formulate and solve modern scientific and practical problems, successfully carry out pedagogical, research and management activities;

- mastering by graduate students of the most important and sustainable knowledge, ensuring a high level of intellectual development, mastery of moral, ethical and legal norms, a culture of thinking, development of creative potential, initiative and innovation;

- Master's development of fundamental courses at the intersection of sciences, guaranteeing them professional mobility;

- The acquisition by students of scientific research skills, participation in research activities at various levels, the continuation of scientific training in doctoral PhD;

- Graduates obtain the necessary level of knowledge in the field of university pedagogy and psychology and teaching experience at the university.


        Our partners:

The department pays considerable attention to the practical training of undergraduates, the application of the knowledge gained at enterprises and organizations of the republic.

         With this purpose defined base practice: national companies and leading enterprises, PA Eurasian Institute of System Studies And About "Akmolatourist" hotel the Rixos tour firm "Sayat" ULE                      

“Association of Tour Operators of the Republic of Kazakhstan” Otau Service LLP, Truck-Auto LLP, BankCenterCredit FAO, State Institution Akim of Almaty District, State Institution Akim of Saryarka District, Astana City, State Institution The apparatus of the akim of the Esil district.In these organizations, undergraduates undergo industrial and research practices, scientific internships, and also collect information for master's work.    

The strategic partners are: CIC HANDS Kazan, Moscow University named after S.Yu.Vittie, Omsk Regional Institute and Omsk State University named after F.M.Dostaevskii (Russia), Academy of Tourism Antalya (Turkey).     


          Teaching committee

The faculty of the department conducts certain educational, methodological, research work with undergraduates aimed at improving their professional level, improving management skills and developing scientific thinking.    

1.     Karbetova Z.R                      5. Zhakupov A.A.

2.     Yardakova I.V                      6. Zhumanazarov K.B.

3.     Mizambekova Zh.K.             7.Mustafayev K.S.

Omarkozhayeva A.N.           8. Kurmankulova N.Zh.



Direction of training - 6V111- Service industry

- Educational program "Restaurant business and hotel business"

     Profile subjects: geography, foreign language

    Awarded degree: Bachelor in Educational Services the program "Restaurant business and hotel business"


At present, the educational program “Restaurant Business and Hotel Complex” is one of the demanded specialties in the restaurant and hotel sector.

            The hospitality industry is the most dynamically developing and highly profitable sector of the economy.  Hotel and restaurant chains are growing, new establishments are opening, and for their successful functioning professional staff is needed.



 The field of professional activity of the graduate of the educational program are:

 • government bodies related to the organization of the hotel business (ministries, municipality, their regional divisions and structures);

 • state and private companies involved in restaurant and hotel business;

 • services, enterprises related to catering (restaurants, hotels and other structures);

 • property, property complexes (enterprises, institutions, organizations) and other objects of the hotel industry;

 • research organizations involved in the study of nutrition development, marketing in catering;

 • educational institutions that train mid-level hotel management specialists;

 • advertising agencies engaged in the promotion of services in the restaurant business and hotel business on the domestic and foreign market;

 • information resources and systems, means of providing automated information systems and their technologies


 The restaurant and hotel business specialist is involved in:

 • organization of the work of hotel and restaurant services;

 • business planning and budgeting;

 • determines the advertising, marketing and pricing policies of the hotel and restaurant sector enterprises;

 • management and staff selection;

 • conducts market analysis;

 • coordinates work with suppliers


 5 pluses of training:

 • Leading position.  Experience in management, subsequently, can be useful in any other job, in any business

 • Demand in the labor market

 • High profit payment

 • Prestige specialties and rapid career growth

 • Ability to open your own business in the hospitality industry











  Training direction

 - Educational program "Management"

 - Educational program "Network Business Management"


 Specialty subjects: mathematics, geography

 Awarded degree: Bachelor of Business and Education Management

 Management and Network Business Management


The modern manager - who is he?  Manager?  Director?  Chief?  Most likely, a manager can be called a manager who makes wise decisions in management.  From this point of view, management should be considered as the art of personnel management.  A person who has left the school as a manager can work in the following areas: managerial, economic, organizational, marketing, diagnostic, research, educational, etc.



 The field of professional activity of the graduate of the educational program are:


 • real sector of the economy;

 • financial and banking system;

 • business and entrepreneurship


5 advantages of training in this specialty:

 • Company management, organization of staff work

 • Leadership and organizational skills, sociability

 • Demand in the labor market, the ability to work in any field


 • Possibility of career growth

 • Occupies a key position in any company management



Professions: who can work

 • government agencies;

 • Art Director;

 • auditor;

 • developer;

 • marketing director;

 • commercial agent;

 • marketer;

 • Procurement Manager;

 • loan manager;

 • Sales Manager;

 • Business Development Manager;

 • advertising manager;

 • HR manager;

 • merchandiser, etc.






Direction of training - 6V111- Service industry

 - Educational program "Tourism"

 - Educational program "International Tourism"


 Profile subjects: geography, foreign language

 Awarded degree: Bachelor in Educational Services

 the program "Tourism" and "International Tourism".



The tourism services profession has for many years been among the most sought after professions in the labor market.  Their demand is growing every year, because this is due primarily to the fact that people have more opportunities to travel.

 The tourism industry is considered one of the fastest growing and most promising.  And this means that a person who has chosen tourism as his profession will never disappear anywhere.





 The field of professional activity of the graduate of the educational program are:

 • formation, promotion and implementation of a tourism product;

 • organization of integrated tourism services in the main sectors of the tourism industry


5 pluses of training:

 • They are always in demand in the labor market.

 • Ability to see the world

 • High salary

 • Prestige specialties and career opportunities

 • High professional qualities, wide scope



Place of employment:


 • government bodies (ministries, departments,

 agencies and municipalities);

 • tourism and hospitality industry;

 • science, education and other areas of human activity,

 tourism related


            The work of the graduate of the direction “Tourism” and “International Tourism” is associated with advising clients and selling company services, monitoring the market for travel services and companies involved in the carriage of passengers, interacting with insurance companies and passport and visa services.

 Travel agencies and tour operator associations are the main employers of tourism managers.

1. Kazakhstan’s accession to the World Trade Organization: state and Perspectives ”(the author’s program was carried out at the request of «Astana Til Akademiyasy» LLP), coordinated with the State Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Civil Service Affairs;

2. Professional pedagogy (the author's program is intended for teachers of special subjects of technical and vocational education).

The academic year monograph “Strategic priorities for the development of modern management, the tourism industry and the restaurant and hotel business” was completed in the 2017-2018 academic year.

New academic disciplines:

1. Environmental management;

2. Labor protection and life safety;

3. Organization and planning of the enterprise;

4. Organization of diagnostics at enterprises;

5. Information management;

6. Modern information technology in the field of service;

7. Tourist resources of Kazakhstan;

8. Innovative technology travel and reception of tourists;

9. Organization of sanatorium and resort business;

10. Standardization and conformity assessment;

11. Logistics in tourism;

12. Turopreyting;

13. World tourist centers;

14. Booking systems and innovations in the tourism business;

On January 12, 2018 on the basis of the hotel and restaurant complex "Rixos President Astana" the branch of department was open for specialty of a bachelor degree and a master’s degree. The hotel and restaurant complex "Rixos President Astana" actively participates in educational life of the university, thanks to opening of branch, students continuously set theoretical knowledge on the basis of one of the leading hotels of the country.

On February 29, 2016 in JSC Akmola-tourist of staff of Management and Tourism department and students took place a ceremonial opening of branch of department for all specialties. After signing of the contract the tour on hotel complex was conducted.

12 января 2018 года состоялось открытие второго филиала кафедры на базе Rixos President Hotel Astana.

On January 12, 2018 opening of the second branch of department on the basis of Rixos President Hotel Astana took place.

Opening of branch of department is important form of cooperation of the university and enterprise. Collaboration within training of future experts will be successful and effective. Students will get good practical experience in branch of department.

Branches of department are the division of Management and Tourism department of Economics department uniting teachers of department and the staff of JSC Akmola-tourist and Rixos President Hotel Astana providing carrying out joint educational, educational and methodical, organizational and methodical and research work.

Students have practical training in JSC Akmola-tourist according to the curriculum and the lesson schedule.

For carrying out a practical training on specialties "Restaurant Business and Hotel Business", "Tourism" at Management and Tourism department works the innovative platform on the basis of the village Arnasay

The business incubator of "Relax-Room" at department is the first in the university private business incubator which supports the studying students from development of the idea before its realization.

The business incubator of "Relax-Room" represents creative space within the walls of KAZUTB where future restaurateurs can work on the projects, exchange experience, receive mentoring of experienced businessmen and involve investment on capitalization of the business ideas.

From the moment of opening in 2018 the training master classes, trainings, movie nights, and karaoke competition were successfully provided.

The only business incubator which carries out fund raising for support of orphanages and homeless animals.

Weekly in Business incubator of "Relax-Room" there take place master classes, themed nights.


Educational program on "Restaurant and hotel business" among full-time students of Almaty universities on April 24-25, 2020 at Almaty Technological University on the basis of "Recommendations for the organization and conduct of the Republican subject Olympiad among students of higher education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan" The second stage of the XII Republican Subject Olympiad was held this year for the first time on the remote online platform ZOOM.

Second year students of the Department of Management and Tourism "Restaurant and Hotel Business" Argyngazin Gibrat, Esenzhol Aiganym, Dodanova Dayana took part in the Republican Olympiad from the Kazakh University of Technology and Business. The group was headed by Altynbek Amanzholovich Zhakupov, PhD, associate Professor (Associate Professor).

The Republican subject Olympiad was held in three rounds ("Computer Testing", "Defense of Abstracts" and "Practical") in the state and Russian languages in the form of participation of teams in the approved competition tasks to determine the winners and prize-winners.

Round I - computer testing on the disciplines "Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship in the restaurant and hotel business", "Fundamentals of the hospitality industry".

Round II - Defense of abstracts. The criteria for evaluating the abstract were assessed on the specifics of the work and the style of presentation, the accuracy of the author's point of view, the presence of interesting ideas, literacy of the abstract, writing style, adherence to the format of the abstract.

Round III - tasks included the solution of theoretical questions and situational problems.

The procedure for summarizing the results of the Republican subject Olympiad was as follows.

The competition commission of the base university recommended the winners to be awarded in the following order:
- For 1st place - a diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan I degree (no more than one student);
- For 2nd place - a diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan II degree (no more than two students));
- For 3rd place - Diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan III degree (no more than three students).

Winners of the team groups who took I, II, III places in the Republican Subject Olympiad will be awarded diplomas of I, II, III degrees of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. All participants of the Olympiad were awarded certificates.

Following the results of three rounds, our university was also among the winners.
Our university was awarded a diploma of III degree in team accounting. Argyngazin Gibrat was nominated by the decision of the competition commission to award diplomas of the III degree of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for high results in the personal account. Esenzhol Aiganym and Dodanova Dayana were awarded certificates for participation in the XII Republican Olympiad and team leader Altynbek Amanzholovich Zhakupov was awarded a letter of thanks for working with students.


According to the university’s career guidance plan, from February 17, 2020, teachers of the Department of Management and Tourism began to conduct career-oriented work in schools. The following teachers conducted a meeting with students and explanatory work:

At GU secondary school No. 25 Zhanas N, at KSU school gymnasium No. 85 V.S. Musaeva school gymnasium №31 Valieva S.N., Kanatova S.K.

From February 17 to February 28, teachers of the department "Management and Tourism"

Zh.K. Mizambekova and K.B.Zhumanazarov conduct career guidance work with students from schools in the city of Kokshetau and the Kyzylorda region Information was provided about the Kazakh University of Technology and Business, brochures were provided with information about the specialties that were available, a detailed consultation was held on the rules for admission to the university.

Future graduates showed interest and many expressed a desire to visit the walls of our university, and also expressed their intention to enter our university.




On February 13-15, within the walls of the Kazakh University of technology and business, the Department of Management and tourism of the faculty of Economics held a subject Olympiad for students on the training programs "Management", "Tourism", "Restaurant business and hotel business". The main goal of the Olympiad is to develop students ' creative abilities and improve their scientific activities, as well as create conditions for the disclosure and self-realization of professional and personal potential.

On February 12, the Olympiad on the educational program "Tourism"started. 3 teams participated in the competition. The competition was attended by the teams "Kyran", "Scarlet sails", "Education & Youth". The main criteria for accepting a team for the Olympics: the team must consist of 2 people (students of 2-3 courses) and a leader. The Olympiad consisted of 2 rounds:

1 round-theoretical, that is, the main subjects in which the level of knowledge is checked.

Round 2 was held on the practical part of the basics of tourism, technology and tactics.

The program of the Olympiad includes tasks for sections of basic disciplines. As a result of the 1st stage of the Olympiad, the depth of theoretical knowledge of the "Kyran" team was determined. Following the results of the 2nd stage of the Olympiad, the "Education & Youth" team took a leading position in the protection of research works in priority areas of tourism science.

The results of the Olympiad were determined by the theoretical and practical stages. The evaluation criteria and the procedure for calculating points are determined by the organizational Board. According to the results of the competition, the jury of the Olympiad determined the winning teams that took the I, II, and III places. The winner of the Olympiad was the team "Education & Youth". Team members-2nd year students Kuspan Zhadyra, Onalbaeva Aruzhan. Head: I. O. Zhakupov. The second place was taken by the team "Kyran". Team members-2nd year students Zhakan Aida, Abdyhamitov of Elinorа.13 февраля продолжилась олимпиада по образовательной программе «Ресторанное дело и гостиничный бизнес». В конкурсе приняли участие 3 команды.

Head: Zhaylaubaev E. N. the Third place was shared by the members of the "Scarlet sails" team-students of the Russian group Tour-182 Baigulov Elnur, Kairzhanov Alisher. Supervisor: D. I. dzhangildina and E. N. Jailobaev.

On February 13, the Olympiad on the educational program "Restaurant business and hotel business" continued. 3 teams participated in the competition.

The main goal of the Olympiad is to reveal creative abilities, support talented and gifted students, attract students to solve modern scientific problems, and develop interest in scientific activities.


3 teams participated in the competition. Members of the team "Manager", "Waiter", "Barman". The main criteria for accepting a team for the Olympics: the team must consist of 2-3 people and a leader (students of 2-3 courses). The subject Olympiad consisted of 2 rounds: the first round was theoretical, that is, on the basics of entrepreneurial activity in the restaurant business, as well as on the disciplines of management in hotels and restaurants. The second round of the restaurant and hotel business practice was defended by the research work performed by each group.

The results of the Olympiad were determined by the theoretical and practical stages. According to the results of the competition, the jury of the Olympiad determined the winning teams that took the I, II, and III places. The winner of the Olympiad was the team "Manager". Team members-2nd year students Esenzhol Ianim, Dodonova Diana, Argingazin Gibrat. Head: Zhakupov A. A. the second place was taken by the "Waiter" team. Team members-sapargalieva Nazgul, Gabdullah Jasmine and Tarabaeva Makpal. Head: infrastructure M. T. Musaeva and V. S.

And the third place took the team "Bartender" - 2nd year students Shabanbai Yermakhan and Sandybaeva akerke. Head: Myslbekova K. J. Musaeva and V. S.

On February 14, the Olympiad on the educational program "Management"continued. 4 teams participated in the competition. The following teams took part in the competition: "MT-182", "MT-181", "MT-171", "MT-172". The main criteria for accepting a team for the Olympics: the team must consist of 3-5 people (students of 2-3 courses). The subject Olympiad consisted of 3 rounds: the first round-tasks in theoretical and basic disciplines. The second round was held in the written form of an essay. Third round – situational problems, the solution of the problems.

The results of the Olympiad were determined by the theoretical and practical stages. According to the results of the competition, the jury of the Olympiad determined the winning teams that took the I, II, and III places. The winner of the Olympiad was the MT-181 team. Team members-2nd year students Taubaeva Diana, Ahmedyanova Denmark, Nuraly Aruzhan. Head: K. B. Zhumanazarov the second place was taken by the MT-172 team. Team members-3rd year students Isataeva Leila, Saginbaeva Farida, Davletyarova Ilmira, Yesenzhanov Dmitry, kunanbayeva Daulet. Supervisor: M. K. Karimova Third place-the team "MT-182" - 2nd year students Arstanova Ayymgul, Zhanaydarova Asel, Sailaubek Alibek. Head: K. B. Zhumanazarov

The research competition has reached the final stage

From February 5 to 7, 2020, the 1st stage of the Republican annual competition of research works of students in natural, technical, social, humanitarian and economic Sciences was held at the Kazakh University of technology and business.

The main goals and objectives of research work are:

- promote research and educational-cognitive activity of students;

- selection and support of the most talented and gifted students;

- promotion of the intellectual potential of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Republican research work competition is held in 3 stages: 1) the first stage is intra – University; 2) the second stage is in basic higher education institutions (UMS); 3) the third (final) stage is Republican.

Independently completed and completed research works on natural, technical, social, humanitarian, and economic Sciences are sent to the research work competition.

Chairman of the research works competition for the training program "tourism" - Zhakupov A. A., PhD doctor, associate Professor, Dzhangeldina D. I., associate Professor, Secretary-Musaeva V. S., master's degree, senior lecturer. Ten research papers participated in the research work.


The Chairman of research work in this training program "Restaurant business and Gostiny business" - Mizambekov J. C., associate Professor, Deputy Chairman-Toloubay M., master, senior teacher, Secretary-Zhanas N., master, teacher.

Chairman of the research work competition for the training program "Management" - Zhumanazarov K. B., Ph. D., associate Professor, Deputy Chairman - Mustafayev K. S., associate Professor, Secretary-M. K. Sharimova, master's degree, teacher.

According to the results of the NIRS competition for the training programs "Tourism", "Restaurant and hotel business" and "Management", the best works were determined and the winners were awarded.

In this training program "Tourism" was awarded the diploma of I degree 2nd year students Can Zhadyra, Onalbaeva Aruzhan with Preta "Models of rural tourism development in Akmola region", diploma II degree awarded 3rd year student Kadyrov Anelya with the project "Problems and prospects of development of tourism for people with disabilities in the Republic of Kazakhstan", diploma of the III degree was awarded to 1st year students Ermanov Turarbek and baymet Karina with the project "Creation of the "Ethnoland" tourist project in the Turkestan region ".

According to the training program "Management", the 3rd year student ryskaliev Rauan with the project" Strategic prospects for the development of management and marketing in small business" was awarded the diploma of the 3rd year student Hazim Zhansaya with the project" features of Japanese management", the 2nd year student arystanova Ayymgul"Efficiency of management: theory and practice" was awarded the diploma of the third degree.


In this training program "restaurant business and hotel business" the diploma of I degree was awarded student of Kabdolova Jasmine with the project "Ulttyk nistade restaurant project" diploma of the II degree was awarded to 1st year students, uzumasa English Mirgalimov Ardak and Darkhan Moldir with the project "Opening of training center for people with disabilities", the diploma of the IIIRD degree nagatani students Ibragimov Anel, Abulhairov Genghis, Sapargalieva Nazgul with the project "efficiency of modern features in the restaurant."



 The above-mentioned drafts on the results of the University competition became winners and sent on to the next stage of the Republican contest NIRS.

 Grand opening of the laboratories  "Buffet hall" and "Hotel room" on the basis of the  Department of " Management and tourism»

On December 27, 2019, within the walls of the Kazakh University of Technology and Business, the Department of Management and Tourism solemnly opened the Laboratory “Hotel Room” and “Buffet Hall”.

         On the basis of audience 403, the hotel room laboratory was designed and organized.  The purpose of opening this laboratory is to improve the practical skills of students of our university educational program "Restaurant business and hotel business."

         The rector of the Kazakh University of Technology and Business Urazbaev Zhumatai Zeynollaevich and the head of the Department of Management and Tourism Zhakupov Altynbek Amanzholovich solemnly cut the ribbon.


Laboratory "Buffet Hall" was created with the aim of practicing students of the department in the organization and conduct of receptions.  Buffet - a joint meal, when the guests eat while standing, freely choosing dishes and drinks, serving themselves and using mostly a fork as a cutlery.  Chairs and tables with strictly painted seats are not provided.


Students of the Department Ahmetbek Aruzhan, Argyngazin Gibrat and Galymzhan Aziza, who have passed practice in Turkey, made a report on foreign practice, demonstrated the skills of meeting guests and presented ready-made dishes. Students expressed the opinion that these laboratories will help future specialists to practice theoretical knowledge.

The leading gala of the event was the teacher Karimova Magirus Kairbekovna and student Argingazin Gibrat. The organizers of this event teachers of the Department Mizanbekov Zhamilya Kaspieva, Karimova Magirus Kairbekovna and Kurmanova Asemgul Nurlanovna.

         The event was attended by students and faculty of the University.


         We Express our gratitude to the rector of the Kazakh University of technology and business Urazbayev Zhumatai Zeynollaevich u and the head of the Department of "management And tourism" Zhakupov Altynbek Amanzholovich for their support in opening laboratories.








December 16-independence Day of Kazakhstan

December 10, 2019 in the walls of Kazutb Department of "Management and tourism" held an open lesson to " Independence Day of Kazakhstan" Independence day of Kazakhstan is the main national holiday. The event is aimed at fostering a sense of patriotism, love for the Motherland, pride in the historical past, present and bright future of the peoples of Kazakhstan. Today we can say with confidence that Kazakhstan has become famous in the international arena and has taken a worthy place among the world's economic systems. The event was spectacular and eventful: students sang songs, read poems, staged scenes. Fascinating game of actors, interesting statement made bigger impression both on the audience, and on participants. The heartfelt verse touched everyone's hearts. Students played the dombra. Dombra is called the soul of the Kazakh people and its eternal companion. Head of the Department "Management and tourism", PhD, associate Professor (associate Professor) Altynbek Amanzholovich concluded this creative lesson with words of gratitude and best wishes.



National Tourism Awards 2019

       On December 6, 2019, in the city of Nur-Sultan, JSC National Company Kazakh Tourism with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan held the second National Tourism Award - National Tourism Awards 2019.


 The main mission of the Prize is the development and promotion of domestic and inbound tourism, improving the quality of services in the industry and hospitality.


         The participants in this event were representatives of tourism companies, hotels and hotel complexes, resorts, event organizers, media representatives, public figures and bloggers.

         Given the importance of this event for the development of the tourism industry, participants were also students of KazUTB and a teacher of the Department of Management and Tourism Sharimova Magirash Kairbekovna.


Vocational guidance

Teaching staff  of the “Management and tourism” Department according to the university’s career guidance plan, from November 4, 2019, Began to hold career guidance work in schools in the city of Nur-Sultan.

The following teachers conducted the meeting with students and explanatory work: Zhakupov A.A., Zhumanazarov K.B. at school-lyceum № 27, G.B Akhmetova, S. Bektenov, secondary school № 23 Sharimova M.K., Kurmanova A.N., at school gymnasium  № 31 Valieva S.N., Kanatova S.K., at school-lyceum № 79 Omarkozhaeva A.N.,  Mustafaev K.S., school- Lyceum № 85 Dzhangeldina D.I., Musaeva V.S.

Information was provided about the Kazakh University of Technology and Business, brochures were provided with information on the available specialties, a detailed consultation was held on the rules for admission to the university.








Future graduates showed interest and many expressed a desire to visit the our university, and also expressed their intention to apply at the university.



Manager Day in Kazutb

On 1st  November 1, 2019, the “Management and Tourism” Department of KazUTB the organized and held the intellectual game “The effective manager”, dedicated to the International Day of the Manager. The participants of the intellectual game were the teams “Ak Zhol”, “Control” and “Simple the best”, consisting of first, second and fourth year students of the “Management and Tourism” Department.

The teams successfully presented their homework on the topics “Communications”, “Management in the hotel industry”, “Effective working hours”. Team leaders also took a part in the meeting “Round table of top managers”. The intellectual game was held in a creative, positive and competitive spirit. Participants showed leadership in management decision-making.

The team “Simple the best” took the 1st place of this competition. The winners name were Shukurbaev Sultan, Nusupkhan Yerulan and Fayzullaev Begzod. All participants were awarded with diplomas and memorable prizes.






World Tourism Day in KazUTB!

On 27th September the ”Management and Tourism” Department of KazUTB celebrated World Tourism Day. E.K. Aibuldinov, the vice-rector for science, innovative technologies and external relations of KazUTB, opened this event.

 Teachers and students of the Department "Management and Tourism" organized and held the “Initiation to tourists” ceremony among the first-year students of "Tourism" and "International Tourism" specialties. Also as a part of this holiday was held a competition "Fun relay race". Four creative, energetic and talented teams “Turranger”, “2gis”, “Black star”, “msiruoT” prepared team emblems, tourist songs and dances, dishes of tourists.

The teams successfully participated in quizzes, in competitions for collecting tents and for completing a bedroom bag.  The 1st place of this competition  was taken by the team “Black Star”, team “2gis” came in 2nd place, 3rd place – “Turranger”, 4th place – “msiruoT”. All students received prizes.

Students of the 2nd year performed a concert and entertainment program, as well as held a quiz for freshmen.

The Head of the Department "Management and Tourism" Zhakupov A.A. held a ceremony of awarding students with certificates for participation in the PATA Youth Symposium, and also congratulated students and teachers on their professional holiday. A pleasant completion of the program was the dedication to the tourists of the 1st year students and delivery them of the globe as a symbol of future profession.







The “Qyran” team of the Department of “Management and Tourism” won the III place in the Republican Student Olympiad in technology and tactics of active types of tourism.

27-28 September, in order to implement the Message of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Tokayev K.K., the "Tourism" Department of the  L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University held the II Republican Olympiad on the technique and tactics of active types of tourism (hiking and mountain tourism) among the students of the "Tourism" specialty at the touristic and recreational complex "Arman" of Akkol district in Akmola region.  This event was attended by full-time students of public and private university.

The Olympiad was held in the form of team competitions in basic subjects and physical education, and students were tested for team spirit.

Participated teams were from the following universities: Abai Kazakh national pedagogical university (Almaty), Kazakh University of the technology and business (Nur-Sultan), S. Toraighyrov Pavlodar State University (Pavlodar), E.A. Buketov Karaganda State University (Karaganda), Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda State University (Kyzylorda), Khoja Akhmet Yassawi International Kazakh-Turkish University  (Turkestan), Turan-Astana University and L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian national University.

The purpose of this Olympiad is the support and development of group sports tourism; determination of the level of knowledge and skills; raising the level of knowledge of the technique and tactics of participants in tourist trips; paying particular attention to the organization of safety activities in hiking trips.

The Olympiad consisted of 3 stages:

Stage 1 (homework) - write an essay on the theme "Implementation of concepts for the development of active types of tourism in various regions of Kazakhstan." The proposed essay texts were checked for plagiarism by uploading to an automated system. According to the requirements, the permissible level of originality of works is 80% and higher.

Stage 2 - competition in sports tourist orientation.

Stage 3 - competition in active types of tourism.

“Qyran” team of the “Tourism” specialty of the Kazakh University of Technology and Business took the III place in the team competition and won III place in the “Competition in active types of tourism”.

We are grateful for the support to the President-rector of KazUTB Zh.Z. Urazbaev, the Head of the Department "Management and Tourism" A.A. Zhakupov, and also we would like to thank the teachers K.B. Zhumanazarov, E.N. Zhaylaubaev, M. Toloubay, A.I. Nurmat, who took an active part in preparing students for the Olympiad.






8TH UNWTO GLOBAL SUMMIT on urban tourism " Smart cities, smart destinations»

         From October 9 to 12, 2019, at the Palace of Independence in the city of Nur Sultan, it consisted of the UNWTO Global Summit on Urban Tourism. 

           The summit was attended by about 700 people from 30 countries, foreign consultants, government officials. 

        The global summit on urban tourism is held once a year in a city selected in accordance with the requirements of the UNWTO - the main initiator and organizer of summits around the world. 

          The capital of Kazakhstan became part of the UNWTO affiliate program in May 2018.  The previous forum was held in large cities with a tourism development level exceeding the general indicators: Istanbul, Moscow, Barcelona, ​​Marrakesh, Luxor, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul.  Ankara, Helsinki, Tallinn, Kazan, Tashkent, Samarkand.  The Summit was opened with a welcoming speech by the Prime-Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Askar Uzakpaevich Mamin. 


          Students of KazUTB specialty "Tourism", as well as teachers Sharimova MK, Akhmetova GB  , Kurmanova A.N., Bektenov S.A.  We express our deep gratitude to President-Rector Urazbaev Zh.Z., as well as the head of the Department of Management and Tourism, Zhakupov A.A.  for the opportunity to participate in such a large-scale event.










On September 27, in honor of the International Day of Tourism, on forces of the faculty of the Management and Tourism department" and students of specialties: "Tourism", "Restaurant business and hotel business" in the territory of the university it was held an intellectual sporting event by active types of tourism "Altyn Dala - 2018".

Lecture of the invited foreign professor Snezhank Ovcharova (Bulgaria)


Professor had given lecture course on the subject of "Management of Human Resources" for students 3 courses. Upon termination of students received certificates, the scientific seminar on "About Foreign Training in Doctoral Studies", a master class for lecturers and teachers and undergraduates of department on the subject "Project management" is held. Joint discussion of topical issues on modernization of the higher education and information support of educational process.


In November 21, 2018 the International scientific and practical conference on the subject of "New Opportunities of Development in the conditions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution" took place in the university. The ceremonial opening of a conference began the congratulatory speech the president-rector the Dr.Sci.Tech., the associated professor Urazbayev Zhumatay Zeynollayevich. The conference worked on 8 sections.

Let's mention the work of the 7th section "Management and Business in Services Sector"

Acted as the chairman of section - the doctor of PhD, the associated professor Zhakupov A.A. The vice-chairman of section is a master Bektenov S.Zh. The scientific secretary - the master Nurmat A.I. On section participated 20 articles. Reports were listened and the best articles are awarded.

Research supervisors of students and undergraduates were awarded with letters of thanks: Nurzhamal Zhumagazovna, Zatira Rakhimovna, Rope Seytkamalovich, Irina Vladimirovna. The diploma І degrees was awarded a master’s degree student Tusupova Diana, the diploma of ІІ degree was awarded a master’s degree student Konysbekova Saule, the diploma of ІІІ degree was awarded the student 4th course Kulbayeva Camilla.

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