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Direction of training

The «Management and Tourism» departmentis structural division of economics department of KAZUTB carrying out training of the highly skilled managers capable to solve problems and needs of business taking into account current trends of development of national economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Its created in order to educate future hoteliers and restaurateurs who will perfectly organize corporate parties and holidays in luxurious style of fashionable buffet receptions, business breakfasts, stunning cocktails or who will run their own hotel and restaurant business at the high level, to open own cafe, or a pizzeria, experts in the sphere of tourism who can create attractive tourist routes and products, to offer high-quality services, rendering world-class service.

The missionof department is in that, implementing the concept of continuous education and introducing innovative approaches in educational activity, to train qualified professionals in the sphere of management, tourism, restaurant and hotel business capable to work effectively in modern conditions, to provide with competitive experts of labor market of Kazakhstan.

Main purpose of department - training of competitive experts in the field of management and services sector, satisfaction of interests of the university and students in receiving quality education, granting to each student, undergraduate of ample opportunities in the choice of content of training.

  • increase in flexibility of the mechanism of implementation of educational programs for full implementation of requirements of GOSO and labor market to graduates;
  • training on disciplines of department at the high theoretical-methodological and practical levels;
  • formation of relevant base of training, educational and methodical materials for classroom and out-of-class (independent) work of the students developed and updated with participation of representatives of employers (business structures), with use of their practical material;
  • formation of motivation of students to high achievements and also the values, beliefs and habits promoting personal and professional growth, formation of the large-scale identity of future manager and manager in services sector;
  • the system organization and carrying out scientific and practical researches within school of sciences with participation of students, on current problems and tasks of business;
  • assistance of the organization the practical, training, trainings for students.
  • The department conducts preparation in the following directions of preparation:

- Bachelor degree:


«Restaurant business and hotel business»;


«International tourism»

«Networ business management»



- Master’s degree:

"Management", the profile and scientific and pedagogical direction. The faculty of department is created by highly qualified personnel. Today 28 regular teachers, from them work at department:

  • The 5th doctor of science, professors;
  • Phd 5th
  • 6 candidates of science, associate professors;
  • 12 with master’s degree

The department annually invites professors from the leading higher education institutions of Europe, China and Russia - for lecturing to students, undergraduates of department. In different years gave lectures and professors gave classes: Ovcharova S.K. (Varna free university of Ch. Hrabr, Bulgaria), Yu. Grotte (Budapeshsky Subway university, Hungary), Kudys E. (Sinzyansky state university, China), etc.

Lecturers and teachers of department actively use modern information technologies and the economies of Kazakhstan connected by the priority directions of industrial innovative development perform research works. Results of scientific research of lecturers and teachers take root into production and educational process. On the basis of these works author's courses are developed and the maintenance of courses of lectures, practical and seminar training is based, theses and master theses are performed.

Lecturers and teachers of department and students,undergraduates are directly involved in the organization and holding scientific conferences and seminars. The department pays considerable attention to practical training of students: to use of the gained knowledge at the advanced enterprises of the republic. Bases of practice are for this purpose defined: the national companies and the leading large enterprises, JSC Akmolaturist, Rixos Hotel, Sayat Travel company, OYuL "Association of Tour Operators of the Republic of Kazakhstan", Otau Service LLP, Truck-Auto LLP, FAO "Credit Center Bank", GU "Office of the akim of the area of Almaty, GU "The office of the akim of the area of Saryark of the city of Astana, GU "The office of the akim of the area of Esil, students pass In these organizations organizational and administrative, organizational and technological, economic and an externship, prepare course and theses.

Students of department, show uncommon progress in study and scientific activity. Many students and undergraduates are winners and prize-winners of the international and republican subject Olympic Games and scientific competitions.

At a traditional republican competition of the best research works for students of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan students of our department in "Restaurant business and hotel business" Alibek Danel, Zakharova Anastasia, Nurkanova Dina, Pak Juliya won the diploma of the second degree.

Strategic partners are: KIK of HANDS Kazan, Moscow university of S.Yu. Witte Moscow, Omsk regional institute and Omsk state university of F.M. Dostayevsky (Russia), Academy of tourism Antalya (Turkey).

For years of the activity the department let out more than 1000 specialist’s managers, experts of services sector the majority of which work in senior positions of the enterprises, organizations, hotel and restaurant business, in travel companies, the avia-agencies, tourist hotel complexes, sanatorium institutions, firms of Kazakhstan and foreign countries.

The purpose of educational work – versatile personal development, having qualities of the patriotic citizen, different intelligence, social activity, political literacy, high universal culture.

Task of educational work – creation of conditions for formation of civil and patriotic consciousness, active living position, strengthening of feeling of love and respect for the Homeland, for Kazakhstan, professional self-determination and satisfaction of needs of students for intellectual, cultural and moral development.

The faculty exercises control, promotes unity of students in uniform friendly, efficient staff, carries out educational work according to the plan of work, promotes development of self-deicsipline, the organization of substantial leisure of students.

Graduates of this specialty are very demanded in the large cities of Kazakhstan in connection with significant growth in economy and development of tourism. These are the cities where there is an active construction and opening of hotels of the high and middle class, hostels where new restaurants, cafe, the enterprises of fast service appear.

Выпускники этой специальности очень востребованы в крупных городах Казахстана в связи со значительным ростом экономики и развитием туризма. Это города, где идет активное строительство и открытие отелей высокого и среднего класса, хостелов, там, где появляются новые рестораны, кафе, предприятия быстрого обслуживания.


Today in Kazakhstan not only external, but also internal tourism therefore in the need for experts of this sphere who could create attractive tourist routes and products grows, to offer high-quality services actively develops, rendering world-class service. The educational program "Tourism" includes both theoretical training, and practice after each course. On a third year students can train abroad in the known tourist centers!

Graduates of specialty "Tourism" find work in travel companies, the avia-agencies, tourist hotel complexes, sanatorium institutions, what and information and excursion bureaus. The specifics of training in our HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION will help to open own business and to render services of tourism. Students also have an opportunity to work in large hotels, thanks to business partner of KAZUTB.


In KAZUTB the students studying on this specialty gain strong theoretical knowledge and practical skills in such areas as: human resource management, business planning, production management, strategic management, marketing, leadership, critical thinking and administrative ethics. Graduates of the program also have fundamental knowledge in the field of finance, operational planning, information technologies. Training is provided with use of new educational technologies and interactive methods of training, such as "the turned class" and the mixed training.

1. Kazakhstan’s accession to the World Trade Organization: state and Perspectives ”(the author’s program was carried out at the request of «Astana Til Akademiyasy» LLP), coordinated with the State Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Civil Service Affairs;

2. Professional pedagogy (the author's program is intended for teachers of special subjects of technical and vocational education).

The academic year monograph “Strategic priorities for the development of modern management, the tourism industry and the restaurant and hotel business” was completed in the 2017-2018 academic year.

New academic disciplines:

1. Environmental management;

2. Labor protection and life safety;

3. Organization and planning of the enterprise;

4. Organization of diagnostics at enterprises;

5. Information management;

6. Modern information technology in the field of service;

7. Tourist resources of Kazakhstan;

8. Innovative technology travel and reception of tourists;

9. Organization of sanatorium and resort business;

10. Standardization and conformity assessment;

11. Logistics in tourism;

12. Turopreyting;

13. World tourist centers;

14. Booking systems and innovations in the tourism business;

On January 12, 2018 on the basis of the hotel and restaurant complex "Rixos President Astana" the branch of department was open for specialty of a bachelor degree and a master’s degree. The hotel and restaurant complex "Rixos President Astana" actively participates in educational life of the university, thanks to opening of branch, students continuously set theoretical knowledge on the basis of one of the leading hotels of the country.

On February 29, 2016 in JSC Akmola-tourist of staff of Management and Tourism department and students took place a ceremonial opening of branch of department for all specialties. After signing of the contract the tour on hotel complex was conducted.

12 января 2018 года состоялось открытие второго филиала кафедры на базе Rixos President Hotel Astana.

On January 12, 2018 opening of the second branch of department on the basis of Rixos President Hotel Astana took place.

Opening of branch of department is important form of cooperation of the university and enterprise. Collaboration within training of future experts will be successful and effective. Students will get good practical experience in branch of department.

Branches of department are the division of Management and Tourism department of Economics department uniting teachers of department and the staff of JSC Akmola-tourist and Rixos President Hotel Astana providing carrying out joint educational, educational and methodical, organizational and methodical and research work.

Students have practical training in JSC Akmola-tourist according to the curriculum and the lesson schedule.

For carrying out a practical training on specialties "Restaurant Business and Hotel Business", "Tourism" at Management and Tourism department works the innovative platform on the basis of the village Arnasay

The business incubator of "Relax-Room" at department is the first in the university private business incubator which supports the studying students from development of the idea before its realization.

The business incubator of "Relax-Room" represents creative space within the walls of KAZUTB where future restaurateurs can work on the projects, exchange experience, receive mentoring of experienced businessmen and involve investment on capitalization of the business ideas.

From the moment of opening in 2018 the training master classes, trainings, movie nights, and karaoke competition were successfully provided.

The only business incubator which carries out fund raising for support of orphanages and homeless animals.

Weekly in Business incubator of "Relax-Room" there take place master classes, themed nights.

On September 27, in honor of the International Day of Tourism, on forces of the faculty of the Management and Tourism department" and students of specialties: "Tourism", "Restaurant business and hotel business" in the territory of the university it was held an intellectual sporting event by active types of tourism "Altyn Dala - 2018".

Lecture of the invited foreign professor Snezhank Ovcharova (Bulgaria)


Professor had given lecture course on the subject of "Management of Human Resources" for students 3 courses. Upon termination of students received certificates, the scientific seminar on "About Foreign Training in Doctoral Studies", a master class for lecturers and teachers and undergraduates of department on the subject "Project management" is held. Joint discussion of topical issues on modernization of the higher education and information support of educational process.


In November 21, 2018 the International scientific and practical conference on the subject of "New Opportunities of Development in the conditions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution" took place in the university. The ceremonial opening of a conference began the congratulatory speech the president-rector the Dr.Sci.Tech., the associated professor Urazbayev Zhumatay Zeynollayevich. The conference worked on 8 sections.

Let's mention the work of the 7th section "Management and Business in Services Sector"

Acted as the chairman of section - the doctor of PhD, the associated professor Zhakupov A.A. The vice-chairman of section is a master Bektenov S.Zh. The scientific secretary - the master Nurmat A.I. On section participated 20 articles. Reports were listened and the best articles are awarded.

Research supervisors of students and undergraduates were awarded with letters of thanks: Nurzhamal Zhumagazovna, Zatira Rakhimovna, Rope Seytkamalovich, Irina Vladimirovna. The diploma І degrees was awarded a master’s degree student Tusupova Diana, the diploma of ІІ degree was awarded a master’s degree student Konysbekova Saule, the diploma of ІІІ degree was awarded the student 4th course Kulbayeva Camilla.

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