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Head of the Department:

Candidate of economic sciences, Associate ProfessorZhappassova Raushan E.

Tel: +77012991402

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Cabinet: 2/510

The Department of Economics, Accounting and Audit of the Kazakh University of Technology and Business was reorganized in January 2016. The activity of the department confirms the desire and ability to integrate into the global educational space, when the quality of education turns into the most important factor in the competitiveness of the university and its graduates and is implemented through plans for educational, methodological, research and educational work.

The mission of the departmentis to train highly qualified specialists, business leaders who are able to think strategically and creatively, make rational management decisions in the field of economics, financial management, business structures and government bodies.

The purpose of the department is a full-fledged and high-quality professional education in the field of economics and finance, accounting and auditing, and in the field of public administration, confirmed by the level of knowledge, skills, and competencies on the basis of criteria established by the state generally binding standard.

The main tasks of the department are:

·  Leadership in priority areas of economic science and education;

·  ensuring a competitive advantage based on a high level of quality education;

·  maintaining an adaptive and reliable educational system in the region.

    The teaching methods at the department are based on the active participation of students in the educational process and in research work. Along with traditional lectures and seminars, business games, trainings, discussions, round tables, and conferences are held with the participation of leading scientists and specialists in the country's national economy sectors.

The scientific activity of the department includes the following areas: development of an initiative scientific topic, participation in research and scientific and methodological activities, preparation of monographs, publication of scientific articles in leading scientific journals and other publications, etc. Teachers participate in grants, which are a source of funding for scientific, scientific, pedagogical and innovative activities, in scientific conferences and forums of various levels (international, republican, city and university), organized both on the basis of the University and other educational scientific institutions. Teachers actively involve students in scientific activities.

Work is underway on the initiative topic of the department, registered at JSC National Center for State Scientific and Technical Expertise  Modern Economics: current issues, innovations and development technologies. The result of this study is the publication at the end of the school year of the teaching staff of the department of collective monographs.

In March 2019, the team of the department “Economics, Accounting and Auditing” published the Monograph “The Economics of Modern Kazakhstan: Problems and Prospects for Development” edited by Doctor of Economics, Professor G. Dugalova

On March 15, 2019, the team of the department “Economics, Accounting and Auditing”, together with the administration, dean’s office, organized and actively participated in the International Conference “Economics of Modern Kazakhstan: Problems and Development Prospects” in honor of the 60th anniversary of Doctor of Economics, Professor Dugalova G .N.

At the work of the International Conference, at the invitation of the employees of the department “Economics, Accounting and Auditing”, scientists from other countries, such as Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and others participated.

The department organized scientific and methodological seminars with the participation of Doctor of Economics, Professor Aliyev O.Zh., Dr. Ovcharova Snezhanka (Bulgaria), Doctor of Economics, Professor G. Gamarnik, Doctor of Economics , Professor Esilov E.N.

On October 12, 2019, teaching staff of the Department “Economics, Accounting and Auditing” took an active part in the II International Scientific and Practical Conference “Development of Finance, Accounting and Auditing in Modern Management Concepts”, which was held in Simferopol and was organized by the Institute of Economics and Management FSAEI of HE "KFU im. IN AND. Vernadsky. " Associate Professor, Ph.D. Turebkova B.O. made a report at the plenary session of the conference “Statistical study of the innovative development of Kazakhstan”. The participation of faculty in the conference was organized on-line with the support of the technical service of KazUB.

The conference was large-scale and attracted the participation of scientists from various countries. Such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan.



An important area of scientific activity of the department is the research work of students.

The student groups work at the departments, individual projects are being implemented.

The results of scientific work of students are participating in conferences, preparing scientific reports and articles, participating in competitions, grants and exhibitions.

The activity of the educational and methodical work of the department is aimed at providing the educational process with educational and methodological documentation, improving the pedagogical skills of teachers, improving the classroom and independent work of students, improving all forms, types and methods of educational work, taking into account the needs of enterprises, organizations and institutions for which the university prepares specialists.

Methodological seminars and master classes are held on an ongoing basis.

So, in 2019, the senior teacher Zhubaev S.D. A methodical seminar was held on the topic "Trends in the financial development of the Republic of Kazakhstan during the years of independence", Ph.D., associate professor Ibraimova S.Zh. held a discussion seminar on the quality of graduate and master's work, where they discussed issues of scientific novelty and project proposals, senior lecturer Kasymova SB held an interesting presentation on the topic "Choosing a profession: problems and solutions: the state and prospects of career guidance", Ph.D., associate professor Ibraimova S.Zh., Ph.D., associate professor Zhappassova R.E. conducted a master class on the formation of MOS on the basis of Dublin descriptors. Development and approval of educational programs in KazUTB.

October 17, 2019 Senior Lecturer Tashtanova N.N. held a methodological seminar on the topic "Methods of preparing and giving lectures on accounting disciplines using innovative technologies."



Social and cultural life of students

Madina and Aiken Tolegen won the competition "Khanzada men Hahayim" held in the hostel of the Kazakh University of technology and business. Organized by the Department of educational work and social Affairs, the Committee on youth Affairs and the Department of Economics, accounting and auditing.

The purpose of this event is to The program consisted of four stages: "acquaintance", "creative number", "parody" and "question". All stages were liked by the audience, indifferent to the event was not in the hall. At the end of the competition, the participants were awarded with gifts.



15.04.2019 years has held an annual contest "Miss Kazutb-2019", which was attended by 10 students.

Miss Kazutb -2019 became a member of No. 5 Esenzhol Ienumerables, 1st year student of the specialty "Restaurant business and hotel business".




The Kazakh University of technology and business held a meeting of teachers and students with representatives of the MES. At the meeting, the guests reported on the project of youth competition "Zhas Project", held jointly with the International Bank for reconstruction and development with the participation of the Ministry of education and



13.04.2019 years employees and students of the Kazakh university of technology and business went out a friendly collective on cleaning up of territory, within the framework of municipal month on sanitary cleaning from garbage. ППС, the students of КазУТБ under musical accompaniment began cleaning up of territory of university and adherent areas. By the employees of administrative department borders were whitewashed before building of Institution of higher learning. Субботник passed inspiredly and actively, all were full fervour and desire to do a city cleaner. After completion of субботника, collective of КазУТБ taken picture on memory. All worked on glory!



In order to ensure joint research work, seminars, advanced training courses for faculty, as well as exchange of cultural programs, active work is being carried out jointly with the Universities - partners: Middlesex University, Great Britain; European Institute of Design (IED), Italy; Technical University of Applied Sciences City Wildau, Germany; ChemnitzTechnischeUniversität, Germany; Piraeus University, Greece; Academy of Finance and Business of Wistula, Poland; Higher School of Tourism and Ecology, Poland; University of Agribusiness and Regional Development, Bulgaria; University of Food Technology, Bulgaria; HititUniversity, Turkey; East Mediterranean University, Cyprus, Turkish side; AydinUniversity, Turkey; IstanbulEuropeanInstitute, Turkey; KeimyungUnviersity, South Korea. And also with universities of the Russian Federation – Moscow Institute of Economics, Politics and Law, Moscow State University of Technology and Management by named K.G. Razumovsky, Russian State University of Oil and Gas by named I.M.Gubkin, St. Petersburg State Technological Institute (Technical University) and Omsk State University by named F.M. Dostoevsky. 


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