Head of the Department:

Ph. D., associate professor (associate professor) Sartov Utegen

Tel: 87011282349

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Cabinet: 2/510

The activity of the Department "Economics, accounting and audit" of the Kazakh University of technology and business from the moment of creation to the present time confirms the desire and ability to integrate into the world educational space, when the quality of education becomes an important factor in the competitiveness of the University and its graduates and is implemented through the plans of teaching, research and educational work.

Quality assurance policy of the Department "Economics, accounting and audit" is based on the needs of modern society in competitive personnel, able to independently and in a timely manner to develop knowledge in the field of Economics, Finance and accounting, business and management.

The mission of the Department is-training of highly qualified specialists, economic leaders who are able to think strategically and creatively, to make rational management decisions in the field of Economics, financial management, business and public administration.

Teaching methods at the Department are based on the active participation of students in the educational process and in research work. Along with traditional lectures and seminars, business games, trainings, discussions, round tables, conferences with the participation of leading scientists and specialists of the national economy are held.

Active life position allows students of the Department to be implemented in various areas of social life of the University, sports and creative activities. Students with a sufficient level of knowledge of foreign languages can take part in the realization of their potential in foreign universities.

Personnel policy of the Department is based on coordination with the strategy and objectives of the University, with policies and plans to ensure the quality of training. Training of bachelors in the specialty at the Department is carried out by 26 teachers, of them have a degree of 14 people, including 2 doctors of economic Sciences, 10 candidates of economic Sciences and 2 doctors of PhD.

The main objectives of the Department are:

  • achievement of leadership in priority areas of economic science and education;
  • providing a competitive advantage on the basis of a high level of quality education;
  • maintaining an adaptive and reliable educational system in the region.

ПThe regulations on the Department of Economics, accounting and audit define the tasks, structure, functions, rights, responsibility, as well as interaction with other structural units.

The activity of the Department is aimed at training competent and competitive specialists in the following specialties:

1. Bachelor degree: 5B050600 - "Economics", 5B050800 - "Accounting and auditing", 5B050900 - "Finance", 5B051000 – "State and local government". Training of specialists is conducted on a full-time basis with a training period of 4 years, on the basis of Vet with a training period of 3 years and on the basis of higher education with a training period of 2 years in the state and Russian languages.

2. Master's degree: 6M050600 - "Economy", 6M051000 – "State and local management". Training in the magistracy is carried out in two directions:

  •  profile direction. Training period-1 year;
  •  scientific and pedagogical direction. Training period-2 years.

The master's degree in profile direction of training realizes professional training programs of postgraduate education on training of personnel for the branches of economy possessing profound professional training.

Magistracy of scientific and pedagogical direction of training implements professional training programs of postgraduate education for the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel for the system of higher, postgraduate education and the scientific sphere with in-depth scientific and pedagogical training. A graduate of the scientific and pedagogical direction of training has the right to teach at the University.

The implementation of educational programs of the magistracy is carried out by doctors and candidates of economic Sciences of the relevant specialties.

The main tasks of the Department of "Economics, accounting and audit" include - continuous improvement of the educational cycle, introduction of innovations, modern information technologies and learning tools in the educational process; continuous training of personnel and training of staff; measures to improve and support corporate culture.

The content of educational programs is developed taking into account the needs of the regional labor market, the requirements of normative documents of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, on the basis of the principles of continuity and continuity, taking into account modern achievements of science, technology and production requirements. The quality of training of bachelors and masters is provided by highly qualified teaching staff, developed infrastructure of the University, the use of modern technologies of training and control of students ' knowledge, the integration of education and science.

Educational programs regulate the objectives, expected results, content, conditions and technologies of the educational process, evaluation of the quality of graduate training in this field of training and contain the characteristics of the program and the direction of professional activity of the graduate, learning outcomes and acquired competencies, policy assessing the learning outcomes, the organization of the educational process, ensuring the quality of training of students, description of the modules that make up the educational program, teaching materials, ensuring the implementation of appropriate educational technologies.

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