The department of History of Kazakhstan and Social-humanitarian Studies

Manager of department
Kanafiyeva Kulanda Kabilseitovna 
Candidate of pedagogic sciences, Associate professor the head of the department of History of Kazakhstan and Social-humanitarian Studies

Dear friends!

We are pleased to welcome you to the web page of our Department " The History of Kazakhstan and Social-humanitarian Disciplines"!

Today the Department of the History of Kazakhstan and Social-Humanitarian Disciplines represents a unique, holistic, complex system, comprising professionals in different directions, which is able to independently solve its tasks.

Our Department is to deal with an important task to work with students of all courses and training areas. It is our department who gives a good foundation on the theoretical and practical levels for future specialist. Also our department participates in the formation of a creative personality, which has its own style of work and representation of the outside world.

Realizing this responsibility in the preparation of the relevant skilled specialist in proper level and profile, we help each student to organize himself, to bring self-discipline. Each teacher takes into consideration the different initial level of knowledge of students in the organization of individual work, as only high-quality work of the teacher implementing their professional duties which contributes to the development of intelligence, competence and creativity of the future specialist.

We hope that on our site you will find a useful and interesting information that is useful to you in school or work.

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Head of Department,

Ph.D. Kanafieva K.K.

The department of "History of Kazakhstan and Social-humanitarian Studies" is a structural subdivision of JSC "Kazakh University of Technology and Business".

The department was established in 2000 as a result of the transformation of the department of social and general historical studies. It was known as the department of “Social and Humanitarian studies" until 2013. In accordance with the Strategy "Kazakhstan-2050" and the specific instructions of the State Secretary of the Republic of Kazakhstan Marat Tazhin made on the basis of the extended meeting of the Interdepartmental Group (on the Study of the History of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the Academic Council of the University) it was decided to rename the department as “the Department of History of Kazakhstan and Social-humanitarian Studies” (protocol No. 8 dated August 29, 2013).

Our mission is to form a humanistic world view, social consciousness, patriotism, elements of critical thinking, students' personal and professional culture based on an individual approach.

Realization of the goal of the department today is achieved in areas such as:

  • updating of content and teaching methods of the humanitarian and social disciplines;
  • preparation and implementation of innovative educational programs;
  • maximum use of creative potential of the teaching staff;
  • using the capabilities of the academic staff in the process of forming professional competencies;
  • increase of the spiritual and moral level and intellectual potential of the staff and students.
  • academic work with students, undergraduates and students of all forms of education;
  • academic methodical work;
  • research work;
  • organization of students and undergraduates’ scientific work;
  • development and publication of scientific, academic and methodical literature;
  • educational and extracurricular work with students.

The department pays special attention to improve the qualifications of the academic staff at leading universities in the far and near abroad. Academic staff takes part in various scientific competitions and state scientific scholarships and grants funded by the Ministry of Education and Sciences of Republic of Kazakhstan. An important area of research work is to participate in scientific-practical, national and international conferences. Lecturers of the department publish monographs, teaching guidelines and materials in various publications in the near and far abroad. Thus, monographs were issued: “History, theory and practice of spiritual and moral education” (Baimbetova R.K.), “XX hasyrdyn 20-30 zhyldaryndagy Kazakstandagy Aiyel Tendigі maselesі” (Kasabekova A.I.); teaching guidelines: “Innovative technologies of spiritual and moral development of the personality of a student at a higher education institution” (Baimbetova R.K.), “Kazakhstannyn kazirgi zamangy taryhy” (Kabylshaev K., Kanafiyeva K.), “Kazakhstan tarikhynan oku-adistemelik kural” (Kasabekova A.I.), “Methods of learning Russian language” (Kozhagulova G.K.).

The teachers carry out work on the implementation of the program “Bolashakka Bagdar: Ruhani Zangyru”.

Internship by Bolashak program. George Washington University. Elliott School of International Affairs. Institute for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies (United States of America, Washington, 2014-2015).

International cooperation


Assembly of People of Kazakhstan


Scientific-practical workshop, April 2018


Scientific work


The department is fully engaged in teaching students of all specialties of full-time and distance learning in more than 18 disciplines of humanities and social cycles as following:

Bachelor program:

1. Contemporary history of Kazakhstan.

2. Philosophy.

3. Cultural studies.

4. Political studies.

5. Legal system of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

6. Legislative and regulatory framework in information technology.

7. Basics of social sciences.

8. Kazakh language.

9. Russian language.

10. Foreign language (English).

11. Professional Kazakh language.

12. Professional Russian language.

13. English for specific purposes.

14. Business English.


Master program:

1. History and Philosophy of Science;

2. Psychology;

3. Pedagogy.

4. Foreign Language.

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